Meet our Early Intervention Staff

Meet our Therapy Staff 

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Key Leadership Team


Deanna Lewis
Easterseals South Carolina
Phone: 803-466-4089  Fax:803-356-6902

P. Guinn

Paul Guinn, Director
Division of Finance
Phone: 803-312-2122


Janet Parra, Director
Division of Human Resources
Phone: 803-351-3681

K. Larson

Karen Larson, Director
Division of Early Intervention
Phone: 803-372-9425   Fax: (877) 233-9288

N. Siemers

Nick Siemers,  Director
Division of Medical Rehabilitation
Phone: 843-214-3625 Fax: 803-753-9111


Mary Margaret Crews, Director
Division of Marketing and Social Media
Phone: 803-312-3937

S. Peak

Shae Peak, Director
Division of Billing Systems
Phone: 803-212-8971