LeRon's struggles with addiction evolved into a calling to help others

Leron Brighter Futures 2021

April 17, 2022 (CINCINNATI)- LeRon came to Easterseals with doubts and skepticism.

As a child, his sense of trust was violated when a therapist abused him and his brother. His experiences in the Marine Corps left him feeling ostracized and more suspicious of others.

"It reinforced my feeling of not being able to trust people," said LeRon.

After the Marine Corps, LeRon struggled with PTSD and difficulty reintegrating into civilian life. He self-medicated with prescription pills, becoming dependent on them to get through the day. Suspicions evolved into paranoia.

"I was having these panic attacks," LeRon explained. "Either I was dying or everybody was actually after me."

Then LeRon came to Easterseals, where he met Chris Macklin and found a support system he could trust.

“I had lost faith in myself and others. Initially, Easterseals was just a check in the box that I needed for veteran support,” Davis admitted. “Soon, I began to feel a sense of comfort when dealing with the staff at Easterseals because I learned that some of them were vets and had endured similar traumas to my own.”

Comfort became a calling for LeRon, leading him to become a certified peer mentor. The struggles he faced became a motivation to help others, and an asset to build trust with the recovering individuals he serves.

LeRon was honored as a 2021 Brighter Futures Awardee for his remarkable journey and the service he provides to our community.

Hear LeRon tell his story from the 2021 Brighter Futures Celebration below.

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