Creating #BreakthroughMoments in Greater Cincinnati

Easterseals believes brighter futures begin with employment, and employment is much more than a paycheck. It’s the pride of achievement, the joy of connecting with others, the security of knowing you can provide for yourself and your family. Work fuels the freedom to dream bigger.

The foundation for life success begins with a network of support and supporters. That network – along with our skills, education, and experience, are key to growing our careers and self-sufficiency. They are the magic behind the breakthrough moments in our lives. Your first job. That big promotion. Knowing where to find the next great venture.

Every year, nearly 7,000 people with living with disabilities, economic disadvantages, and veterans turn to Easterseals for their breakthrough moment. About 85% of the people we serve live below the poverty line. They dream big. They want to experience the pride of employment. But something is keeping them from reaching their full potential on their own. It’s not as simple as just getting a job. They a need network:  people who believe in them. People who expect nothing less than success. This is where Easterseals shines though.

Getting somewhere you’ve never been starts with a map. Easterseals is like having GPS on the journey to a brighter future.  We understand there is more than one way to get there. There might be detours and unexpected hazards along the way. Easterseals sees beyond life’s traffic jams. We never give up and always stand ready to identify the best route to self-sufficiency and achievement.

Easterseals isn’t a typical workforce development agency. We are a team of more than 200 professionals who persist and advocate for the people we serve. We develop talent like a business because we ARE a business. In fact, we operate three successful businesses across Greater Cincinnati. We employ many of the people we serve because we know it’s a lot easier to learn while you earn. We make the right professional network connections between employers and employees to position both for ongoing success. And we aren’t afraid to take risks. Today’s challenges call for bolder solutions.

We take a people-centered, holistic approach to finding solutions. We help people discover their natural talents and nurture them. We find out what’s truly holding them back and find a better way forward. We stick by people to develop their skills – building up their education, experience, and self-confidence. It all leads up to that breakthrough moment. The job offer. A reliable income. The feeling of being in control of their own destiny.

The magic behind the breakthrough moment is powerful. You probably remember yours – those defining experiences that forever changed the course of your life. For thousands of people in Greater Cincinnati, those breakthrough moments begin with Easterseals.




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Who We Are and What We Do

We believe a better community builds upon the abilities of all its members. Our heritage includes more than a century of service and expertise in creating opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages to fully realize their potential. When individuals succeed in work and in life, the entire community benefits.

Who We Serve

  • Individuals with disabilities who have a desire to increase their independence through employment
  • People who are chronically unemployed or underemployed, including people moving from public assistance to work
  • At-risk youth and young people with disabilities in need of a support network to achieve academic and work goals
  • Adults with disabilities who want to enjoy recreational activities and maintain social relationships
  • Veterans who are transitioning from military service civilian life

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