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The Best Reasons to Hire Veterans, and How to Hire Veterans

We tapped top companies for the best veteran employment tips

The Best Reasons to Hire Veterans

1. Veterans’ values such as integrity, courage and devotion to duty translate into sought-after job skills for any company. Veterans are employees who will always say “I will not quit” and “I will always work hard.” They live by and act on these values.

2. Veterans are excellent at adapting to different cultures, including various corporate cultures. Watch how well this veteran adapts.

3. Veterans will be the most punctual employees you’ll ever meet. Watch this humorous video to see an example!

4. Veterans want to serve and make a difference.

5. Veterans are strong team players, but will rise to the challenge of leadership whenever called.

6. Exceptional organizational skills are ingrained in them from their service. See the precision that's valued and practiced by this veteran.

Major organizations like Disney can attest to veterans being among their best and brightest employees. How can you foster a successful veteran hiring program at your organization? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Veteran Hiring Tips for Human Resources

1. Get buy-in from the top executives at your company. Do so by sharing with them the reasons to hire and retain veterans. It won’t hurt to remind them of the tax incentives for hiring veterans as well.

2. Include spouses in your veteran hiring program. They’re unofficial veterans themselves who often serve as caregivers to their veteran. In order to support veterans, you should support veteran families as a whole.

3. Do veteran outreach on the local level. Connect with organizations like Easterseals and the Direct Employers Association to help you.

4. Build a narrative around your recruitment and employee culture that veterans can relate to.

5. Don’t seek to hire veterans purely because it’s “the right thing to do.” Understand the immense value in hiring veterans and how it benefits you, the veteran and their family and the community.

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