All In: Going All In for Disability Equity

Easterseals is committed to building an equitable work environment for people with disabilities -- but we can’t do it alone. We need employers like you to join us and to be All In!

Getting Started

When including disability in your diversity efforts, consider these key factors as a starting point. Interested in learning more or speaking with an accessibility expert? Reach out to us! We would love to partner with you and offer up resources and expertise to make sure your disability inclusion efforts are a success.

Achieve Disability Equity in the Workplace. Not Just Diversity.

  • Demonstrate diverse recruiting, hiring, retention, promotion, action and measurement through written retention and advancement policies.

Reduce the Pay Gap. People with Disabilities Earn 34% Less.

  • Increase wages of employees with disabilities to industry standards.

Advocate for Better Part-Time benefits.

  • Review your part-time benefits programs with employees with disabilities in mind. Create a plan to better accommodate part-time employees with disabilities given that 17% people with disabilities are part-time workers.

Require Digital Accessibility and Inclusion.

  • Assess your digital access for employees with disabilities. Document a plan that improves digital accessibilities for remote employees with disabilities. (Do the same for customers with disabilities to harness their $22B in buying power!)

Measure and Publicly Report Your Disability Equity Performance.

  • Define accountable measures that are consistent with your commitment to include disability in your DE&I policies. Promote these practices to demonstrate your leadership in pursuing and attaining equity, inclusion and accessibility in your workforce.

Include People with Disabilities in Your Company’s Marketing.

  • Require that people with disabilities have an appropriate presence in your company’s marketing, advertising, communications and social media strategies given that - one in four people in America have a disability.

Make Invisible Disabilities Like Mental Health Visible and Acceptable.

  • Make a plan and introduce support services for employees that experience any of the hundreds of invisible disabilities that exist through your employee assistance programs (EAPs). Ensure your employees feel comfortable in disclosing their disabilities.

Refocus Philanthropic Giving to Areas that Drive Disability Equity.

  • Direct a percentage of your charitable giving annually to advance economic sustainability among people with disabilities, specifically focusing on employment support and job training programs.

Create a Culture of Community.

  • Introduce ways to educate employees and achieve a corporate culture that puts an end to microaggressions, misperceptions and stigmas. Involve your employees with disabilities as leaders in this arena, make it authentic.

Take Action

Need support? Easterseals is here with expertise, resources, and advice.