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What Do I Do If My Child Needs Services?
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If you think your child has developmental delays or some other condition affecting his growth or development, you should take him to see his pediatrician or other primary health care provider as soon as possible. Your pediatrician or health care provider can help you determine if there is a problem and should know how to refer you to your local early intervention program.

In addition, each state is required to have a central directory, which is a toll-free referral number you can call to find out whom to call in your community. The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center Web site lists all the lead agencies for each state. This Web site provides the name and contact information for each state and is updated regularly.

Many states have one agency that will refer you to the services you need. Once you call this agency and tell a staff member you have a child who you think needs early intervention, he or she should refer you to a program within a matter of days. The early intervention program will schedule appointments for the evaluations and other family meetings that are needed in order to determine the needs of the family and child. Services will then be started.

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