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The Easterseals Community Is This Mom’s Lifelong Support

Renee holding her daughter Adelia at the Buddy Walk

While many parents find help, hope and answers for their children at Easterseals, they also often find something else perhaps unexpected — a circle of caring, supportive friends who share their same experiences, hopes, dreams, fears and triumphs. For Renee Holcomb, this has made all the difference.

Renee is the mom of Adelia, a little girl with Down syndrome who has received Easterseals services since she was 2 months old. Through many programs and a caring staff, Adelia has grown so much. And through a group of other Easterseals moms and dads, Renee has gained lifelong friends for both her and her daughter.

We were so pleased to have a question and answer session to get Renee's take on why this community matters so much.

Q: In our first interview, you mentioned not really having anyone to reach out to on the topic of Down syndrome. How did this impact you early on?

A: The fear of the unknown coupled with the feeling of being alone with no one who "gets it" was emotionally crippling. I wish the hospitals/OB would connect parents with others as soon as a diagnosis is made.

Q: What were some of the questions you hoped to find answers to?

A: What the future could hold for my sweet daughter, Adelia. I was completely and utterly ignorant to everything related to Down syndrome.

Q: Can you describe the community of parents you found through Easterseals?

A: It doesn't matter what diagnosis our children may have, we all work tirelessly for our children. We are moms (and dads) with a common goal — to give our kids the best possible start in life through therapy and interventions.

Q: How has finding this community impacted you?

A: It has created a feeling of family — one beyond those friends and family you had, but a family that feels each other's triumphs as well as each other's pain.

Q: Why do you think having this community is important?

A: Everyone needs a shoulder and an ear to lean on and listen to.

Q: Any parents in your community who stand out as great friends?

A: Yes, there are quite a few I call on constantly for advice.

Q: What activities does your group typically do together?

A: Group play dates, get-togethers in the community, and charity fundraisers.

Q: How do you think this community benefits your children?

A: It creates lifelong friends for our kids.

Q: What advice would you give to other moms of children with disabilities who feel like they may not have the community they’re looking for?

A: Keep looking; we are out there! If you live far away, reach out on social media.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a mom?

A: Knowing at the end of the day I get to do it all again tomorrow...

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