Oftentimes Easter Seals North Georgia’s teachers and administrators are the first resources for children and their parents. As they interact with the child every day and are experts in child development, they can identify and help with early intervention.  

Ella, a student at one of our child development centers, is now entering the third grade and reading above grade level with profound accuracy and comprehension. Her path to this accomplishment was not that easy for her, though.

At the age of 3, Ella struggled to communicate efficiently. Her brother and parents understood her adaptation of speech but she could not communicate with her peers or people outside her family unit. Because she could not be understood, her behavior showed signs of frustration.

After consulting a speech pathologist through ESNG, it was determined that her language processing delay could be helped with early intervention.

Ella’s ESNG teachers provided extensive one-on-one coaching while also helping her to learn to successfully communicate with the other students. “Ella blossomed in their care. Her ability to speak and communicate flourished. By the end of the school year, she was fully prepared to enter pre-k. And look at her now! I refer families to Easter Seals and share Ella’s story with everyone. I truly believe that early intervention is the foundation for success. Easter Seals North Georgia teachers went above and beyond to help my child. I am eternally grateful for the teachers and staff there,” said her mother Tiffany.

She went on to say, “I am amazed at her thirst for knowledge and her will to accomplish milestones that at one point in her life seemed insurmountable. I attribute her success to Easter Seals North Georgia.”

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