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Matthew Achieves New Levels of Self-Sufficiency


Matthew N is a sports fan.  He loves the Mets and the Giants, he loves the outdoors, he can’t wait until fishing season so he can go out with his family and try to catch “the one that got away” the last time.  Matthew is also a member of the Knights of Columbus where he serves as a Warden, checking IDs at various events and such.

As you can see, Matthew has a very full life for a 25 year old; one who also happens to have a learning disability.

But his parents and siblings all knew that Matthew wanted more. The one thing missing from his life was a job and the chance to earn a paycheck. That’s where Easter Seals came in.

In 2007, through a referral from the local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Matthew came to Easter Seals in Franklin in search of a job that would be the perfect match for him. Service specialists worked with Matthew, asking questions to help discover what the best career path would be. Since he liked the outdoors and doing physical work, he interviewed for a part time cart attendant at Stop n Shop.  The manager was so impressed with Matthew’s warmth and willingness to work that he was practically hired on the spot.


Easter Seals staff worked with Matthew to help him learn his job and, as the days progressed, his confidence grew in leaps and bounds. A coworker at Stop n shop took him under his wing and helped him acclimate to the work environment and one manager in particular also kept a watchful eye on him.

In February of 2011, the position of elevator loader for the Pea Pod became available. The Pea Pod is a mini store above the actual Stop n Shop that fills orders that are delivered directly to the home. With the encouragement and assistance of his Easter Seals job coach, Matthew interviewed for the position and was hired!  He loves his new position and takes great pride in moving orders from the staging area to the elevator and then to the truck. He feels strongly that the people who ordered the groceries are counting on him to deliver the goods safely and correctly to the waiting vehicle.

And the best part is – Matthew is now full time with a larger paycheck. Both he and his family agree – Easter Seals has made a huge impact on Matthew’s life by helping him achieve a level of self-sufficiency he never thought possible.

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