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Meet Rylee

Rylee 2019

Lisa’s journey began with Rylee, a curly haired three-year-old who radiates joy as she participates in activities with her classmates in the Easterseals Child Development Center.

Rylee was born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, due to exposure to drugs before birth. She spent her first 21 days in the hospital. Lisa was by Rylee’s side throughout the process, rocking and soothing the infant who she would later adopt.

Rylee has faced many challenges, including delays in gross motor skill development. “You take it for granted when your child is on track developmentally, but when they are behind, every accomplishment is cause for celebration,” Lisa explained.

One major factor in Rylee’s life thus far has been the family’s connection to Easterseals NH. Lisa refers to Easterseals as Rylee’s “safe place.” Nowadays, Lisa only accepts a foster placement if Easterseals is able to enroll the child. “Easterseals understands the needs of children with special needs,” Lisa said.

It’s her close connection with Easterseals NH that gives Lisa the confidence to open her door at 2 a.m. to greet a police officer with a child who has been removed from their home and needs a warm embrace and loving heart

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