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Easterseals NH Helps Low-Income Adults in Need Through $100,000 Grant from NH Charitable Foundation

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Easterseals NH Helps Low-Income Older Adults in Need with
$100,000 Grant from the NH Charitable Foundation
Helping Hands Relief Fund fills a gap left by other emergency funding sources.

Manchester, NH, October 26, 2021 – When a deductible puts the cost of a prescription out of reach or paying for dental care isn’t feasible, older adults who have limited income have few options for support. Easterseals NH recently established the Helping Hands Relief Fund for Older Adults (HHF) to meet such urgent financial needs for individuals over 60.

Funded by a grant from the NH Charitable Foundation, the HHF has awarded short-term aid to 193 older adults across the state.  The relief has been used by individuals who either did not yet meet the qualifying age of 65 for Medicare or needed temporary financial assistance to meet basic needs. Funds have been awarded for health services, essential household items, transportation, housing, personal care, and food.

“Thanks to the generosity of the NH Charitable Foundation, the HHF has impacted outcomes for these recipients. We have prevented homelessness, reduced emergency room visits, ensured food security, and improved social isolation for one of our most vulnerable populations,” said Sue Silsby, Easterseals NH Senior Vice President, Adult Programs.  Silsby leads Easterseals NH’s Community Based Services, Senior Services, and Workforce Development Services. “The assistance we have provided through the Foundation’s grant has made a measurable difference.”

Eighty-nine percent of recipients who responded to a follow-up survey by Easterseals NH felt the quality of their life was greatly improved by the fund. Eighty-three percent of recipients reported that they experienced a significant improvement in their outlook for the future.

The HHF has complemented the Mary Gale Flex Fund, also administered by Easterseals NH but limited to women ages 65 and older living in Greater Manchester who meet low-income critera. Silsby noted, “Through the HHF, we have greatly expanded the number of older adults we can serve to include men and women throughout New Hampshire. The HHF has opened new possibilities for individuals who have low income to access financial support to address emergency financial needs.”

Easterseals NH collaborated with 30 organizations, in addition to word-of-mouth referrals, to disburse HHF funds to individuals most in need in all New Hampshire counties.

About Easterseals New Hampshire

Easterseals is leading the way to full equity, inclusion, and access through life-changing disability and community services.

For more than 84 years, Easterseals NH has provided exceptional services to ensure that all people with disabilities or special needs and their families have equal opportunities to live, learn, work, and play in their communities.

As a leader in social services for individuals with disabilities and other challenges, Easterseals NH employs more than 1,600 individuals and provides essential services and on-the-ground supports to more than 25,000 people each year with 11 core programs throughout the state — from early childhood programs for the critical first five years, to autism services, to employment programs, to older adult services, to veterans’ services, and more.

For more information about Easterseals NH programs and services visit, easterseals.com/nh

About the NH Charitable Foundation

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is New Hampshire’s statewide community foundation, founded in 1962 by and for the people of New Hampshire. The Foundation manages a growing collection of 2,000 funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses, and awards more than $40 million in grants and more than $6 million in scholarships every year. The Foundation works with generous and visionary citizens to maximize the power of their giving, supports great work happening in our communities and leads and collaborates on high-impact initiatives. For more information, please visit www.nhcf.org or call 603-225-6641.


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