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Easterseals NH Partners with Senscio Systems for New Independence at Home Program

Senscio’s Ibis Program Supports Patients with Chronic Conditions

Manchester, NH,

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Pamela Dube

Manchester, NH – Easterseals New Hampshire has entered into a unique partnership with Senscio Systems to bring Senscio’s Ibis Program to Easterseals customers and their caregivers to better manage chronic health conditions.

“Our goal is to advance the insights of our staff in their support of the most vulnerable among the populations we serve and who are challenged to access clinical and non-clinical support services,” said Easterseals NH President & CEO Larry Gammon. ““With a focus on the elder population, our partnership with Senscio will enable participants to live independently for as long as they choose and to gain a greater sense of control over their health”

The Ibis Program is designed for individuals with multiple chronic conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart failure, or the onset of dementia. Ibis helps participants better self-manage these diseases at home.

“Participants in the Ibis Program have a greater sense of control of their health and tell us that Ibis has changed their lives and enables them to better self-manage their health as much as possible.  We are thrilled that Easterseals is supporting these goals with us,” stated CEO at Senscio Piali De, PhD.

To use Ibis, participants receive an easy to use touchscreen monitor with direct supervision and support from a dedicated care team. This includes an Ibis clinician who will work closely with each participant’s care team to help participants better self-manage their health.  Ibis creates a personal health record for each participant tracking important vital signs and prompts participants about medications, records when to take a dosage, when to complete exercises, and reminds participants of important medical appointments.  All information is always confidential and fully protected as required by HIPAA.


About Senscio Systems

Senscio Systems’ mission is to simplify complex operations through analytics. Its Ibis™ Program employs an innovative, patented Artificial Intelligence platform to support the health management of persons living with complex chronic conditions.  The unique combination of technology and service in Ibis creates a new paradigm for health monitoring and management, targeted to better maintenance of baseline health, lower rates of hospitalization, and reduced costs for the most complex patients.  To learn more, please visit

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