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Youth Transitional Services

What are Youth Transitional Services?

Flexible Programming: We provide versatile community based, in-school, or in-home supports as well as remote learning activities. Programs are structured to service a student’s IEP and assist students in reaching their goals. A variety of schedule options ensures each student receives the right amount of support.

What are Our Areas of Focus?

Employment: Incorporates a combination of employer visits, informational interviews, job shadows, volunteering, and work based learning with the goal of gaining paid employment. Students are supported throughout the job search, application and interview process. YTS Staff can also assist with creating customized employment opportunities. Worksite instruction and assessment of performance are provided throughout all activities.

Continuing Education: Includes in-school support, support in online education, extended learning opportunities, and a focus on functional academics.

Adult Daily Living Skills: Encompasses a wide spectrum of community-based experiences and activities to help students transition from adolescence and school-based services to adult life. Our Program Coordinators can help students connect to a variety of adult services.
- Peer Cooking Class
- Banking / Budgeting Workshops & Activities
- Nutrition
- Hygiene / Grooming
- Appropriate Social Behavior
- Public Transportation Skill Development
- Communication Skills
- Shopping
- Household Chores

Social Health & Wellness: Involves coaching in the areas of social and interpersonal skills, community engagement, enrichment activities, and healthy pursuits.
- Music Therapy
- Peer Art Class
- Zumba
- Karate
- Gym Memberships – YMCA/Planet Fitness
- Mindfulness
- Surfing
- Recreational Nature Walks
- Kayaking
- Peer Sports Groups
- Swimming
- Dance Classes

Remote Learning: Designed to help students stay connected and make progress towards their Transition and Annual Measurable Goals; we provide individual check-ins and five unique learning opportunities per day. Students engage in an array of enrichment and educational activities with peers and YTS staff. Activities meet a variety of student interests and abilities.

What are the program options?

We offer Full-Day & Half-Day programs 5 days per week as well as Single-Day & Partial-Day programs 1-4 days per week. Programs run year round Monday through Friday.

Recap of Past School Year

Since the 12/13 school year through the 19/20 school year YTS has:
- Provided individualized, community based, in-school, in-home, and remote supports to over 480 students ages 7 to 21.
- Partnered with 64 different school districts to provide.
- Helped students and their families make the transition from school-based services to adult life.
- Helped students connect with adult services.
- Supported several students in college coursework and postsecondary training programs. 
- Provided schools and families with IEP-driven reporting.  

During the 21/22 school year, YTS provided support to 110 students from 34 school districts.

Click here for a sample of individualized documentation.

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