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Chris excels in Youth Transitional Services

Easterseals has provided workforce development services since 1974. We offer a variety of services that help individuals achieve meaningful career outcomes while meeting the needs of the business community. These services include Youth Transitional Services, Pre-Employment Transition Services, ApprenticeshipNH, Independence Cleaning, and Apparel Impact Partnership.

Chris Excels in Youth Transitional Services

Chris was referred to Easterseals NH's Youth Transitional Services (YTS) in 2018 while a sophomore at Exeter High School. There, he spent his school days separated from his peers due to behavioral difficulties. The school team was at an impasse, with Chris' future at the school uncertain.

Once Chris began YTS programming, though, he quickly flourished. He participated in a variety of activities, but work is where he found fulfillment.

The YTS team helped Chris gain valuable employment skills and transition from work-based learning to paid employment. Over time, he learned strategies for handling the everyday sounds and noises that had contributed to his behavioral issues at school.

When asked what Chris thought about his time with YTS, Chris replied that he enjoyed his time in the community with staff because he felt respected. Giving Chris moments of freedom and independence had an incredibly beneficial effect on his overall attitude in his life.

Today, Chris is a high school graduate moving forward into adulthood. He no longer needs to spend any time alone or separated. He successfully divides his time between two paid jobs and is an active member of his community.

Download this file to read Finding Peace and Purpose at Work for the full story.

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