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Sarah's Story

Special Transit Service (STS) has provided quality transportation since 1980 and is committed to creating transportation solutions for NH residents. STS partners with human service and municipal agencies that benefit our community and constantly strives to coordinate and consolidate specialized transportation in the Greater Manchester area. STS provides transportation with a fleet of more than 80 specially-equipped vehicles and serves over 3,000 individuals annually with 300,000 trips covering over two million miles.

This is Sarah's Story . . .

Sarah is an energetic 92-year-old woman who loves to socialize and works out daily on an exercise bike. She is quick to tell you about her music preferences, Reggae over Rap, and her love of enjoying a good meal in a restaurant. Sarah values her independence and is eager to stay engaged in the community.

Like many seniors, the last few years have meant big changes for Sarah. Her husband of seventy years passed away not long ago, and so Sarah now lives alone. She had to stop driving and so getting out and about is challenging. Sarah remarked, “I stare at the four walls and think I’ll go crazy!”

Sarah was recently hospitalized for the first time in her life, but something good came of it. At the hospital, Sarah was interviewed by a social worker who took the time to listen and understand some of the things that she was up against.

Sarah explained that she had missed several doctor appointments due to lack of transportation and couldn’t get to the pharmacy or grocery store with ease. Sarah was clear that she didn’t want Meals on Wheels as she prefers to cook her own food. She doesn’t have relatives in the area to help with errands. Like many seniors, Sarah felt her world was getting smaller.

Fortunately, the social worker recommended that Sarah call Easterseals NH Special Transit Service. She took the initiative and called Easterseals saying to herself, “You can’t just sit here or you won’t last.”

“Calling Easterseals was the best thing that ever happened,” says Sarah. “Special Transit Service picks me up and they always come on time and take me where I need to go whether it’s the doctor’s office, grocery store, or beauty parlor.” Sarah is now able to get out and live with independence and dignity, while enjoying a better quality of life.

“I can’t say enough about Easterseals NH,” she says. “I couldn’t live without them. I’d be hospitalized or in a nursing home right now if not for them.”

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