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“Sometimes the world forgets about students with disabilities. At Easter Seals, they don't do that—they care.” 

—Jolicoeur School Parent

Our Philosophy

We believe every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times and that youth function the best that they can. Problematic behavior develops over time, in the context of the youth's life, and serves some function or meets some need for the youth.

We employ a family-driven and youth-guided treatment philosophy. The family is an expert on their child and a partnership with both the youth and his/her family at all levels of treatment leads to successful outcomes.

Our program meets a youth's basic needs within a safe and nurturing environment, while striving to integrate the youth’s community at every opportunity. We seek to engage youth, families and communities in planning the transition from residential treatment to stable permanency.

We also believe in providing services and supports in the context of a commitment to each youth and family to do “whatever it takes” to resolve problems precipitating placement. This commitment includes a no reject, no eject policy.

We believe in the intrinsic value of each youth.  Beyond meeting a youth’s basic needs, we strive to help each youth achieve a better life by fostering independence and positive relationships.

Continuum of Care

Our services range from intensive level care in highly structured residential settings to the support of individuals in their community, 

family and/or independent living setting. Our educational programs work to ensure that the student has consistent access to education in the least restrictive environment possible as they develop and progress in their treatment.

To support the varying needs of youth and families, services include:

Residential & Educational Programs

Boys Intensive Residential Treatment Facility - located in a residential neighborhood of Manchester, NH this facility serves individuals who experience diverse mental health and mild cognitive challenges.

Krol House Boys Intensive Residential Treatment Facility - also located in a residential neighborhood in Manchester, NH, this is a licensed facility for 5 boys who need an increased level of independence focusing on teaching life skills and managing mental health difficulties. 

Lancaster Intensive Residential Treatment - located in Lancaster, NH this facility offers an alternative program designed for individuals in need of a wide range of intensive level services. The program serves children and adolescents that are emotionally handicapped, learning disabled, developmentally delayed or physically handicapped along with all levels of intellectual impairments.

Robert B. Jolicoeur Schools - serve students 8-21 with both general and special educational needs. The highly advantageous faculty to student ratio insures exceptional instruction and includes all related services. Our faculty use Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to help students develop behavioral and social skills. This skill building occurs in a structured setting, supporting and reinforcing the students’ developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Meet Jonathan! Jonathan attends our Robert B. Jolicoeur school which provides him with an education that meets his unique needs with Easterseals Jack has excelled at school and has made many new friends. Annually, Easterseals supports over 200 students through our Residential/Educational Services. To view his full story click here.

Zachary Road Intensive Residential Treatment Facility - divided into two distinct programs: neurobehavioral and psychiatric. Both provide a comprehensive, special education/residential program for males and females, ages 8 to 21.

Individual Service Options (ISO) - serves either in the family home, a state licensed provider home, a staffed apartment, a roommate model or a semi-independent living arrangement. Our ISO program is certified with the State of NH to provide the following:

Our Professional Staff

The staff at each Easter Seals Res/Ed facility is carefully selected and highly trained individuals who truly care about youth and families. Staff will work closely with the youth and their families to ensure necessary supports are available to reunify successfully.

Who We Serve

Easter Seals Residential/Education Services serve a wide array of youth with disabilities and special needs including, but not limited to:

For more information, please call the Admissions Department at 603.206.6603 or contact us using the button below.

Contact Us

You can learn more about becoming an Easterseals foster care provider by attending a virtual information session. Sessions are held monthly. Click here to register for a session.

KaliaFew people are able to carry themselves with Kalia’s level of positivity and calm. It is hard to imagine that she once described herself as “confrontational and angry.” When 15-year-old Kalia came to ESNH’s Gammon Academy, an educational and residential facility, she faced many issues at home, at school, and within herself. She struggled with anxiety and depression from a young age and had attempted suicide multiple times. Kalia was in a self-destructive cycle that left her without feelings of hope for a future of any kind. Click here to read more about Kalia
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