Community Based Services

We provide supports and services for adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Acquired Brain Injuries. We have demonstrated success over 30 years and pride ourselves in our ability to meet the most unique and challenging needs of all individuals in community-based settings. We currently hold contracts with NH’s 10 Area Agencies.

Tori has been with the Easterseals NH family for almost 30 years and now lives with an Easterseals care provider. Tori competed in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando, Florida and brought home two gold medals. We are so proud of Tori and her teammates. Read all about Tori's story.

Services Provided

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Kate is sharing how she recovered from her drug addiction thanks to Anthem Care Coordination program.

Jarrod was hit by a car, which changed his family's life forever. Here's his story.

Ryan shares the story of his developing his own independence.

Here's Robert's Story

Robert Woodcock lost his father in August 2013. It was a devastating time for the 26-year-old and he began having suicidal thoughts. He felt lost, scared, confused, lonely, and anxious. It was difficult to cope. He reacted by making many 911 calls and more than 125 trips to the emergency room. At the time, Robert was living at home with family and also spent time with another agency exploring day and residential supports. Nothing seemed to work. To read more about Robert, click here.

Meet Shane!

Shane had a diving accident that left him a quadriplegic, when he was 17 years old. He turned to Easterseals for support. Shane gained greater independence, and made connections within his community through his art work, volunteer efforts and working at Hannaford. Annually, Easterseals supports over 280 people through our Community-Based Services. To watch Shane's full story click here.

Meet Patrick!

Three years ago, Patrick Brihan was a completely different person than he is today. He was a verbally aggressive 21-year old who lacked self-control and did not know how to interact politely with others due to his depression and anxiety. He had long hair that covered his eyes and would always wear a sweatshirt with the hood up. Patrick has a history of aggression and violence and has attempted to run away numerous times. He lied, lacked empathy for others, and was manipulative. He would not work, exercise, cook, or socialize with others, and showed no motivation for change. To learn more about Patrick, click here.

This is Fallon's story...

Fallon O’Dell was bullied while growing up, and after enduring significant difficulty at home, she sought assistance through Easterseals services. As a result, she has found a path which has changed her life for the better. Easterseals CBS Direct Support Associate Jacqueline has worked closely with Fallon, and, with support from Easterseals Workforce Development, she has found a job she loves two days a week at Stonebridge Country Club. To read more about Fallon and Jacqueline, click here!

For more information, please contact us using the button below.

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Health Leadership Excellence

As evidence of our substantial commitment to the health of people supported, Easterseals has been awarded the Gold Award for Health Leadership Excellence by Mainstay/My25. Mainstay and its choice-based My25 programs are the primary accelerator within the human services industry regarding health outcomes improvement related to overweight/underweight status, diabetes, hypertension, associated chronic conditions, and social determinants of health.

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