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Quoc: On the Road to Citizenship


After 38 years in America, Quoc is on the road to citizenship. That called for a celebration in Easterseals Arc’s Projects Drive Group.

When Quoc arrived in the morning on Aug. 22, Easterseals Arc staff and his fellow consumers surprised him with a patriotic display. Minutes before he walked in the door, many of the people in PDG passed out miniature flags, red-white-and-blue necklaces and other patriotic accessories.

At 9 a.m., Quoc came in and was swarmed by a happy crowd, celebrating his progress toward becoming an American citizen. They topped him off with a paper top hat suited for Uncle Sam and cheered him on.

Quoc, 56, arrived in the United States from his native Vietnam with his family in 1980. Because he has a disability, the process of becoming a citizen depends on a considerable amount of medical documentation. But he and Easterseals Arc staff have been working on it since last year.

“He really wants to be a citizen,” said Amanda Gordon, a staff member in PDG.

Quoc was surprised by the celebration for him, but he’s a man who focuses intently on his job assembling weather stripping at PDG and quickly got busy at his work station.

Quoc surrounded by friends

Easterseals Arc staff and consumers surprised Quoc with a celebration that made PDG look like an Independence Day party.

Quoc at work in Projects Drive Group

Quoc, an Easterseals Arc consumer, assembles weather stripping at his work station in Projects Drive Group.


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