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Annual Report 2018

A Brief Look at the Impact of Supporting People as They Live, Learn, Work and Play

Easterseals Arc is dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed at home and in the community. No other local organization offers as many choices—from residential support to day programs to employment services to respite.

Click here to download a PDF version of Easterseals Arc's 2018 Annual Report.

2018 by the Numbers

Annual Report: Live statistics

RickyRicky: Losing Weight, Gaining Health

Ricky has lost more than 65 pounds with help and support from his family and staff. He hit his peak weight in 2017, and at 60 years old it was clear that losing weight was crucial for his health. Collaboration among his doctor, a dietitian, Supported Living staff, family, and, most importantly, Ricky, has him healthier and more active than ever. Click here to read more about Ricky.

Steve: Seeing Things Clearly

Steve has imperfect vision. For years, however, he refused to wear glasses. With steady support and encouragement from his house staff, he finally started wearing his glasses all the time. He proudly tells everyone, “I can see now!”

PaulPaul: Sharing His Cultural Background

Paul’s native language is Mandarin, so staff  helped him find a local church where the language is spoken. He felt so comfortable around people who share his background that he independently approached several people and introduced himself. Friends he made at the church visited Paul’s group home around the holidays to play games and meet his roommates.

Annual Report: Learn statistics

SaraSara: Leading Through Learning

Sara has become a leader in the Adult Day Center, helping others as she improves her own life skills. She helps serve lunch; she pushes wheelchair users from room to room; and she helps her friends participate in activities. As Sara learns more and does more, her caring nature inspires her peers to do more, too. Click here to read more about Sara.

MaryMary: Setting an Example

Mary is becoming more independent and confident thanks to new skills. She worked with her staff and the Literacy Alliance to learn to read and is working with a mentor to improve her reading skills. This has helped her make her own weekly grocery shopping list. Mary’s efforts have encouraged others, and her husband is now working on writing his name and learning about letters and their phonetic sounds.

Drake: Finding His Way

Drake entered the Transitions program to improve his skills so that he could get a job. After landing a job at Kerbside Container, Drake learned the Citilink bus system so he could commute to work independently. His attitude and willingness to learn are the foundations of his success.

Annual Report: Work statistics

Cynthia: Building a Business

Cynthia is using an old skill in a new way, selling items she sews. She’s sewn pillowcases, purses, Christmas ornaments, and cat toys. Her business, Cynthia Sews, has made some sales through a merchandise table in Projects Drive Group and from Easterseals Arc booths at craft shows. The next step is taking it online. Click here to read more about Cynthia.

CameronCameron: Overcoming Barriers

Cameron was the first wheelchair user to participate in the Employment Readiness Academy at the YMCA, and he excelled in the program. He had always been quiet, but working with the public helped him learn to be polite and professional while still speaking up about boundaries. After completing the Employment Readiness Academy, Cameron was hired as an employee at the YMCA.

LisaLisa: Juggling Two Jobs

Lisa takes pride in being successful in not one, but two jobs in the community. She began working at Miller’s Merry Manor in spring of 2018, then secured a second job at Kerbside Containers. Working both jobs fueled her independence, and her employers appreciate her reliability.

Annual Report: Play statistics

SherylSheryl: Staying Active and Having Fun

Sheryl always strives to do her best and likes to be active and learn to do things. She’s so busy with dancing, Special Olympics, cooking classes, bowling, volunteering and more that she often has to choose among overlapping activities. Performing in Dancing with the Arc Stars is one of the highlights of her busy schedule.

JohnJohn: Working for the Weekend

John’s progress in overcoming challenges has enabled him to be successful in the workforce, which in turn has allowed him to save money for fun activities. One of his favorite things to do is playing on the Arc Raiders basketball team, so going to a Pacers vs. Warriors NBA game fulfilled a dream for him. His next goal is saving for a vacation.

Alex: Making Friends Through Respite

Alex has been a respite participant for several years, and coming to the Respite House has allowed him to build meaningful relationships with peers and staff in spite of anxiety and communication issues.  He enjoys these visits so much that he learned to ride the Citilink bus to and from the Respite House, giving him more independence and giving his family more flexibility.

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