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Malachi Hawkins- 2020 Walk With Me Ambassador


A loving and very sweet boy: That's Malachi! Kenyata Priest, Malachi's Mom, enrolled him at Easterseals Charter Preschool, Daytona Beach Loaction at the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Since being in Ms. Jillian Overby's class, Malachi is much more relaxed with his school friends. His teacher has provided consistency and reliability in the classroom. Which has allowed Malachi to focus on learning the social aspects of school, along with the findamentals. Ms. Jillian says "Easterseals is a strong school with a strong staff. Our students are happy and successful and Malachi always has a smile on his face!" Malachi loves to run and play outisde. He enjoys art, painting and relaxing with a good book!

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