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Good News!  Easterseals Northeast Central Florida has partnered with the Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) program to provide specialized communications equipment (telephones and more) to qualified Florida residents who are Hard-of-Hearing (or Deaf, Deaf/Blind, or Speech Impaired.)

If you are a person who is hard-of-hearing, you may find it frustrating to use the telephone.  Maybe you have family members who live far away and it’s difficult to talk to them over the telephone.  Now, with FTRI specialized equipment, you can discover the freedom and independence of communication.  To alert you when the phone rings, we also offer specialized ring signaling devices.  This equipment is loaned to residents who qualify for as long as needed, AT NO CHARGE.

What do I need to do?  Call for an appointment! Call (386) 944-7850.  We will schedule an appointment for you to receive your equipment and training if you can verify (1) you are a Florida resident and (2) can confirm you are hard-of-hearing.

Visit www.ftri.org/daytona4 for the latest schedule of outreach events near you! You can also download appointment forms and learn more about our FREE specialized phones.

Or, for fast, LOCAL service on weekdays, visit our Center at 1219 Dunn Avenue, Mon - Thurs between 11 am and 2 pm without an appointment.  We also provide Community Outreach - call (386) 944-7850 today if you need a speaker for an upcoming health fair, event, meeting or get-together!

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