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ABA Helpful Tips from Allison Berard, MS, BCBA

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. At its core it is used as a scientific approach to understanding different behavior. ABA is a method of therapy used to improve or change specific behaviors. In simple terms, ABA changes the environment in order to change the behavior. It’s not just used to correct bad behavior. Easterseals is proud to have a Board Certified ABA Therapist staffed in our Early Childhood Center.

Introducing Allison Berard, M.S., BCBA

Allison started in mid-January 2020 as the Behavior Analyst for Easterseals. She is responsible for training teachers, parents and caregivers how to teach school readiness, play and social interaction skills as well as how to positively and successfully manage problem behavior. She is excited about her specialized role and hopes to help others understand the process. Allison is quick to tell you "behavior change isn’t magic! The desired outcome usually takes a lot of time, dedication and consistency but the outcomes can be magical!"

Allison's current focus includes completing skill assessments and developing teaching programs to address identified goals. She has also been working on accessible resources for families to implement behavioral techniques in the home. For more information on Allison, click here!

Learn Helpful Tips from Allison's 2020 Parent Training Series (video links below)

1.Finding Our Play Skills


2. Under Pressure

3. Closeness Counts