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TheraSuit & Universal Exercise Equipment

The TheraSuit is a soft canvas suit to which a series of bungee-like cords can be attached in a variety of patterns. The Universal Exercise Unit is a large metal framework to which pulleys, weights or bungee suspension equipment can be attached. The pulley system allows for assisted or resisted exercise of isolated muscle groups which can improve range of motion, strength and motor control. Another benefit is to provide the body with dynamic antigravity support, as well as, compensate for weak and spastic muscles, so the body can achieve motor actions not allowable in everyday life. 

SuitAbility has been used most frequently with children with cerebral palsy, but is also beneficial for individuals of all ages, recovering from traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurodevelopment disorders. The fullest and most thorough application of Suitability Therapy is seen when combined with a customized Intensive Therapy session.

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