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Our SuitAbility program provides intense physical and occupational therapy while it incorporates the Universal Exercise Unit and a TheraSuit. It is for children over three years old with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, traumatic brain injury, post stroke, and other nervous/muscular disorders.

Meet Mariana, she is a precocious 3 yr. old. She has just finished the program. She participated 4 days a week for 3 hours each day.  She has progressed in the following areas:  dorsiflexion by 3 degrees bilaterally, an increase in her heel strike, flat foot toes off gait pattern which is the normal pattern for a functional gait.

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What this means is she will not fall as much and she will not consistently be up on her toes.  Before intensive she was up on her toes and this version of gait increases the speed and decreases the accuracy, so hence the falling. She is now able to get up from the floor through half kneel versus bear crawl which is typically a transition from the floor for a 2 year old child. She is now able to go up on a step with a forward lean versus pushing into her tone and leaning backward. So this will be the start of a stair climbing progression which will be safe and successful. Without learning how to overcome her tone at an early age she would have begun to compensate and developed unsafe, poor movement capabilities which would have limited her success with future gross motor skills and functional mobility, per her therapist Lisa. 

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Lisa was very creative in Mariana's therapy, having her push a cart to sell small items to the staff at Easterseals while wearing the suit. Mariana did not even realize she was going through therapy. She had such fun offering her treats and visiting all the staff. The staff also enjoyed seeing her each day and watching her progression of therapy.

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