Group Based Skill-Building

Easterseals Midwest offers this customized Pre-Employment program where participants can learn workplace skills and build natural supports to equip them to reach their employment goals. In small groups of two or three, participants can learn workplace skills and build natural supports to equip them for future employment. Participants will gain hands-on experience at sites across the greater St. Louis area.

We help individuals meet the following pre-vocational goals:

Pre-Employment Skills

  • Support in learning hard and soft job skills required by specific volunteer sites
  • Participate in employability skills training
  • Learning social skills in a work setting (conversational skills, interviewing, learning to be a team player, appropriate dress and hygiene, etc.)
  • Support in practicing interview questions and techniques
  • Assist with resume writing and portfolio development

Communication Skills

  • Conversational skills (conversation starters, responses, phone skills, etc.)
  • Expressing wants and needs appropriately in the workplace and community
  • Awareness of non-verbal communication

Self-Sufficiency and Community Skills

  • Preparing for your work day
  • How to be safe (stranger awareness, common safety practices, traffic awareness, etc.)

Program Details
Participants work in small groups with an instructor at a designated community site. The program begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. It is available from Monday through Friday. Participants will need to arrange transportation to and from the site or community meeting location.

How much will it cost to participate in Individual Pre-Employment?
For participants who meet eligibility requirements, this program is free. To find out if you qualify for these requirements, please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or

To learn more about our programs at Easterseals Midwest,
please contact us at 1-800-200-2119 or

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