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Mario - Stories of Hope

“Easterseals Miracle League has become a stepping stone for Mario’s success in life.” - Mario's mom, Rocio

The first time Mario went to the Miracle League field, he cried.

The Campos family were elated to learn they were pregnant with their son, Mario. They excitedly prepared their lives for their new addition when they learned that their unborn son had spina bifida, a rare condition in which the spinal cord fails to develop or close while in the womb. According to statistics, only 7 out of every 10,000 newborns will be born with spina bifida and 95% of those born with it have no family history of the disability. Many medical professionals suggested that the Campos’ end the pregnancy, but they made the decision that not only would they give birth to their son, but they would raise him to be a happy, independent man.

 Mario is an active, outgoing 5-year-old boy with a deep love for sports which made him perfect for the Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan program. The baseball league for children and young adults with disabilities has made a major impact in the community and in the families that participate in the program. When he arrived at the field for his first game he was brought to tears. Being the only child at his school that was in a wheelchair, Mario had not seen many other children his age in wheelchairs or using mobility aides. His nerves quickly disappeared as he hit his first ball and made it around the bases.

Mario is lucky to have an amazing family that believes in creating opportunities for him so that he isn’t held back by his disability, and The Easterseals Miracle League of Michigan was one such opportunity that they took. The league provides Mario with the chance to work on strengthening motor skills, socializing with other children, and having fun! Ever since Mario started with The Miracle League, his mom says he “became more independent when playing as time progressed. It also helped him develop his social skills.” He’s looking forward to next season and he plans on hitting more home runs. When it comes to being an amazing kid, Mario has already hit it out of the park.