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A Man with a Plan

Jessie - Stories of Hope

“Easterseals does a body, mind, and soul good” - Jessie

As a child Jessie experienced many years of abuse, both with his family and in foster care.

After the death of his mother, Jessie turned to a life of crime, drugs, and gangs which led  to a drive by shooting that killed his father and severely injured Jessie. He would find himself incarcerated several times between 1999 and 2006. It was while he was in county jail that he decided to turn his life around. After his release, he began to seek services to help him deal with his depression and PTSD. He quit the gang, stopped selling drugs, and took his first steps toward a better life by coming to Easterseals.

Now, Jessie has his own home and is busy working towards his high school diploma. He hopes to continue on his path to accomplishing his goals and he hopes that his progress is making his parents proud and happy.

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