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Cesar Rodriguez | Assistive Technology & Employment

Cesar portrait photo in black and white At a young age Cesar Rodrigues was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy which affects the skeletal muscles responsible for movement caused by a loss of motor neurons. Because he was an artist who originally used typical paint brushes and pencils, symptoms of his condition became an obstacle. After working with Easterseals, Cesar now has an custom build adaptive painting box where he is able to flourish as a Worcester artist and break down barriers to employment!
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Adriana Mallozzi | Assistive Technology & Entrepreneurship

Adriana smiling Entrepreneur, innovator, and most importantly disability advocate. Adriana Mallozzi has been receiving Easterseals services since she was a year old. Born with cerebral palsy, she is a quadriplegic wheelchair user. She is now the CEO of Puffin Innovations; "We hope not only to change people’s lives by using technology but also hope to change people’s mindsets. In this day and age, the modern workforce is the first real workforce where anyone can participate, whether you have a disability or not."
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John Miller | Youth Services & Employment

john miller smiling People with Autism, like John Miller, comprise less than 1% of college enrollment, yet unemployment nearly doubles without a bachelor's degree. Fortunately, John took full advantage of the unique supports of Easterseals Massachusetts' College Navigator program. With individualized tools and guidance from the program, he completed his first year at Northern Essex Community College and is well on his way to reaching his goal of becoming a paraprofessional.
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Chris Richards | Acquired Disability

Chris Richards with friend Chris Richards is a story that unpacks so many of the modern elements of disability employment in Massachusetts. Chris's story touches on the importance of Easterseals services for people with acquired disabilities, the growth of job opportunities via telecommuting and assistive technology, finding new passions in response to disability (creative writing), and finally the catch 22 of receiving disability benefits and competitive employment.
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