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Employment and Training Services

Resources & Services for Youth and Adults

Easterseal's experienced employment specialists provide training and on-going support so people with disabilities can increase their skills and secure competitive jobs. Reach your employment goals with our comprehensive program offering individualized vocational rehabiliation and skills-based training!

  How to recieve Employment & Training Services  

 Most employment services must first be applied through MRC here; https://www.mass.gov/mrc-connect. Need help? Learn More about applying

Pre-Employment & Training Services (Pre-ETS)

a young man with a disability is pictured working in a coffee shop, wearing a green apron while operating a coffee machine.
Learn more about how Easterseals works with students with disabilities to develop valuable employment & transition skills to assist them in their journey to adulthood.

Military & Veterans Employment Services

Learn more about Easterseals' unique approach to intensive Military & Veterans Employment Services.

Resources for Employers

A woman sits at a desk looking at papers, with a job candidate sitting across from her.
Learn more about how Easterseals can help diversify your workforce with resources suited to your business' unique staffing needs.

Resources for Job Seekers

a woman sits in a wheelchair with assistive technology attachments and smiles
Explore Easterseals' resources to assist you in your job search including skills training, internships and job placement.

Referral Sources

close up of one person is handing a small card to another person
Easterseals works with various state agencies and organizations to assists individuals with disabilities in securing and/or maintaining employment. Click for more info.

Employment & Training Success Stories

A man with a disability wears scrubs and smiles in a medical work setting.
Read success stories about how we've helped people with disabilities gain the skills and tools they need to succeed in the workplace!

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