AT On-Demand Kits

AT On-Demand

Easter Seals Massachusetts, with generous grant support from Comcast NBC Universal, is offering an innovative AT On-Demand program that provides free, curated kits of essential assistive technology (AT) to people in Massachusetts who have acute, urgent needs for assistive devices to help regain independence and communicate while hospitalized or recovering. These new, reusable AT On-Demand kits are essential to helping individuals communicate with family and caregivers, use computers and return safely home.

These Kits were created to meet the urgent needs of individuals who may be hospitalized, in long term rehab, or transitioning back to the community and cannot wait for the typically long procurement process to get assistive technology. With this new grant, Easter Seals MA AT Specialists have pre-assembled 10 re-usable AT Kits that will help with speech, computer access, and home safety as soon as possible. 

After completing an intake and evaluation with an Easter Seals MA Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Assistive Technology Specialist, an appropriate Kit will be loaned out to use for as long as it’s needed. To minimize the wait, each Kit will be given to clients at the time of assessment. When the devices are no longer needed, the Kit will be returned and re-used to assist other clients. 

Easter Seals MA AT On-Demand program is available to children and adults who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have an acute AT need requiring use of the equipment immediately.
  2. Live in an environment where access to AT is very limited, such as an acute care hospital, sub-acute rehab facility, or a nursing home but have a need to utilize AT for greater independence.

Thanks to our partner Comcast NBC Universal, this unique program is free to qualified applicants and there are no financial restrictions to participate in this program. Individuals will be referred to the program by filling out the program referral form. Forms will be reviewed by Easter Seals MA AT program staff and prospective clients will be contacted and an evaluation scheduled.

Please contact Leo Tonevski ( ) or Kevin Berner ( for more information:

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