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ESMA Moves

2020 Detour to Success | #ESMAMoves

WalkRoll Run Lift MoveA person paintingA Woman dancinga woman meditating in peace on a mountain top

woman meditating with facebook fundraier button   

image of phone mapping somoen'es exercise
Virtual Toolkit! Your completel guide to to all things for #ESMAMoves Virtual Detour. Connect, Hype, and Donate to each other from your phone!! Click here for predesigned photos to use on social media and with your fundraiser!
hollar hype is a great way to get everybody hyped up and get donation while you're walking!Hollar Hype is a FREE & INTERACTIVE platform where supporters can send real-time motivation messages as you walk & fundraise in-download the app, Join the ESMA Group Here (link only works on mobile devices/tablets).

Various photos of participants at Easterseals Massachusetts Walk With Me events of the past. People walking, high-fiving, & smiling.

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