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Life Over Pain Podcast

Stories from people with Chronic Pain and TBI | Full episode webpage

Recently, several former and existing clients of Easterseals Massachusetts were featured on this podcast sharing their story of the big and small ways they've discovered to help overcome challenges of living with a disability. 

Chris Richards | Reinventing With a Little Help From a Friend

Chris Richards was a successful engineer and led an active life before he strained a muscle in a push-hands tai chi class. Four years later he had to leave work on disability. He tried every doctor he could but they just couldn't figure out a solution. Chris reconnected with a childhood friend who has his own physical challenges and has found the inspiration to reinvent himself. Now Chris has a new job, new motivation, and a new relationship. And, he is even writing a new book called "The Sideline." He has come a long way.

Heather Richards | A Type A Person with Type B Capabilities

Heather Richards watched as the big red truck came at her car. She couldn't move out of the way. It crushed her body but not her spirit. Heather powered through numerous surgeries and chronic pain to get back to work only to be hit again, this time by a box. Sadly, Heather was unable to get back to work in the way she had known. So she reimagined her life and turned to academics - much of it online. The first in the family to graduate college, she has gone on to get her masters and her doctorate.

She now teaches and designs curriculum at a college in Massachusetts. Type A personality you say? Yes. But her capabilities are limited. She can't bend over to tie her shoes and can't sit for long periods like the rest of us. Still, she had a baby through all this, cared for an aging relative, has a loving husband and a menagerie of pets. Type A? I say wonder woman.
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