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Whether you know someone with a disability or are simply interested in learning more, the following information will help you learn something new about living with a disability and help overcome misunderstandings and misinformation.


Weight and Seating Independence Project (WSIP)

MassMatch launched the Weight and Seating Independence Project (WSIP) in 2017 in response to learning about the needs of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). The WSIP offers access to specialized scales designed for people who use wheelchairs, as well as digital pressure mapping technology (PMT). We have portable scales and PMT devices available for borrowing at both of our ATRCs. Learn more here.

Downloadable Transportation Guide

Planning for transportation independence. Click for full guide.  This chart is a starting place to help ensure educators, students and families know their accessible transportation options and can take full advantage of their communities. Transportation education creates a culture that engages students, families, educators, pupil transporters, and public transportation professionals to empower and support student learners.

Assistive Technology

Whether it's getting a loan for an essential piece of adaptive equipment, learning how to improve independence at home, or simply knowing what your options are; we guarantee you will learn something useful when you experience our assistive technology services. Learn more

Peer-to-Peer Content

Life Over Pain Podcast Project... Available Episodes.

Patti says she "started this project because I wanted to collect and share stories of how people create lives of value even though they have to adjust to pain or a new self due to
illness, or injury.

Patti's objective is to fill a void in what she observed as a lack of access to really critical information from everyday people's stories of living with a disability.  She realized how powerful and helpful it can be to learn from someone else's story, experiences, and advice.  

Recently, several former and existing clients of Easterseals Massachusetts have shared their story on Patti's podcast. Click here for those podcasts.

Planning for the Future

Special Needs Trust

Special needs trusts are an important tool for helping people with disabilities remain eligible for needs-based government benefits while preserving their personal assets and enhancing their quality-of-life. ABLE accounts allow people with disabilities to save small sums of money in tax-free savings accounts. Learn what you and family members can do to help plan for the future. PLAN of MA and RI administers special needs trusts through an all-inclusive service model. For more information, visit PLAN's web site at www.planofma-ri.org

Legacy Giving

You can give Easterseals and families a brighter future by including Easterseals in your will. One of the simplest and most popular ways to empower people with disabilities is to leave a gift to Easterseals in your will or trust.

We are happy to talk with you about your philanthropic goals. In the meantime, feel free to download our sample bequest language.

Easter Seals Expertise

Nationwide, as many as 54 million Americans have a disability. Maybe your neighbor has an injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident, or your coworker has a child with cerebral palsy. Your grandmother may be recovering from a stroke -- or maybe you are one of every five Americans with a disability. Look around you, and you'll find people of all abilities who are vital participants in their communities despite the barriers they may encounter.

The barriers people with disabilities face begin with people's attitudes -- attitudes often rooted in misinformation and misunderstanding. Easterseals helps create solutions that change lives.

Easterseals Massachusetts also knows several other resources that can be utilized.

QuickLinks help you find the right Easterseals service to meet your needs:

Learn how Easterseals can be the perfect partner to help you meet your client’s goals.

Parents concerned about their child's development are sure to find services and support to fit their child's needs at Easterseals Massachusetts.

We provide services that are cost-effective and meet your students' IEP needs.

Easterseals' intensive rehabilitation therapy helps individuals achieve the highest possible levels of independence and function.

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