Meet Christian


Christian is a happy, kind, thoughtful, and determined 10 year old boy.  He has a diagnosis of  Cerebral Palsy.  His decreased strength and flexibility in his legs have been ongoing challenges that Christian is determined to overcome.  Christian has been receiving physical therapy        services with Easterseals ever since he was a young child.  While Christian’s therapy goals  started small, they now have progressed to working on walking and even running. Christian loves soccer, and his dream is to be able to run without orthotics and play soccer with his friends.  While Christian’s story is one of success, his journey has not been without setbacks, hard work, and perseverance.  Several years ago, Christian needed to have surgery to help    loosen the muscles in his legs.  This is a common issue for children with Cerebral Palsy, and Christian, unfortunately, was not exempt.  His surgery was successful, and due to a lot of hard work in therapy at Easterseals and at home, Christian does not need any more surgery for the time being.  Christian currently wears orthotics that cover his feet and ankles.  These orthotics help to provide Christian with the stability that his own feet cannot provide on their own.  It is Christian’s goal to one day be able to walk all of the time without any orthotics and to avoid future surgeries.  The treadmill at Easterseals has become a huge  component to Christian’s therapy program.  He utilizes the treadmill to improve his walking pattern so that he can work towards his goal of being able to run. The treadmill allows Christian to walk at various speeds in a safe manner as he works on making improved strides.  Christian’s biggest cheerleader is his mom.  As she watches him improve his steps on the treadmill, she can see her son making strides towards his (and her) goals.  Easterseals is so excited to be a part or the  progress that Christian is making as he continues to grow. 

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