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Daxton and the Assistive Technology Center

Daxton is a 4 year old boy with a rare genetic disorder, Phelan-Mcdermid Syndrome. He is a very sweet little boy, and the light of his family’s life. One part of Daxton’s syndrome is accelerated growth; therefore, he grew out of his specialized stroller and wheelchair a year before insurance would cover a new one. When this happened one of Daxton’s doctors at ChildServe suggested the family check out Easterseals Iowa. Since then, their family has been able to utilize the lending library checking out many devices to use at home. Daxton, like many other 4 years old’s, often gets bored of a toy after only a short period of time. With the lending library he is able to check things out free of charge, use the device at home, and bring it back when he is done.  

Daxton standing

Daxton loves the giant sensory board he has checked out. When he is using it his mom has the opportunity to fold laundry or cook dinner for the family. His mom says There are so many options that help Dax with his fine motor development, which is not only fun but also therapeutic! The process to check out devices is so easy! I show up with Dax and the staff is friendly, we will rummage through different bins and see what Dax is attracted to the most that day, and we are on our way! The process is so easy and Dax loves going and being treated so kindly by the staff.” Daxton loves to be outside, and is a wanderer. He will try to escape outside any chance he gets. His family was able to borrow door alarms as well to make sure he was safe inside the home!

 Daxton smiling

Honestly, it is refreshing to have a "safe" place to go that truly understands situations like ours and caters to the needs and wants of kiddos. Financially, it is a lifesaver as well. Dax can borrow items and learn and play with them, its truly rewarding to see. I just want to let as many families know that this program is available for all ages! I wish I had known about it when he was younger! But it is never too late to be a part of!” Daxton is a fighter and is so persistent, and as he continues to learn and grow, the Easterseals Lending Library will be here to help him out along the way!

  Daxton alone

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