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Amanda Wallick: A Vocational Rehabilitation Success Story

amandadogsAmanda was originally referred to our DHMAS funded Supported Employment program which follows an individual placement, rapid job search model. Through this program she procured employment but wound up losing the job.

This became an unfortunate pattern for her;  throughout her life, she would procure employment, and then lose the job with little insight as to why the jobs didn’t work out.

Our DMHAS Supported Employment Program partnered with BRS to provide Amanda with a Trial Work Experience. This would allow Amanda to have the experience of working in a job of her interest, with the benefit of having a job coach there to assess potential barriers to employment and assist in developing strategies to address them as well as natural supports.

It's important to note that Amanda’s dream job was to work with animals.

The Easterseals BRS team was able to arrange a Trial Work Experience at Packleaders in East Hartford, a non-profit organization that rescues dogs and cats and arranges for them to be adopted. Amanda performed well on the Trial Work Experience and as a result was hired by Packleaders.

The DMHAS Supported Employment program then stepped back in and provided ongoing supports to ensure that Amanda’s transition into the position remains successful.

As a result of the benefits counseling that Amanda received through connection with these programs, she is moving forward with potential housing programs which represent her moving forward towards a life of greater independence.

Her father shared, “I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done with Amanda. She talks about her job constantly. For the first time in her life, my wife and I feel as if she on the trajectory towards being able to enjoy a meaningful, independent life.”

Employment & Education Coordinator Dan Bracken, pictured here, also wound up adopting a rescue dog, Pablo, who is currently in training to become a therapy dog.

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