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A neuropsychologist examines the relationship between physical changes in the brain and cognitive or behavioral changes.  Our neuropsychologists specialize in the assessment of children, adults, and older adults who are experiencing cognitive (such as attention, executive function, processing speed, language, visual motor, learning, memory) and behavioral difficulties. Many conditions can contribute to problems and changes in cognitive functioning, such as Autism, learning disability, cancer treatment, head injury, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, and other developmental, medical, neurological, and psychological conditions. Neuropsychological testing helps to better understand the cause of problems with thinking and understanding and develop a plan for treatment or other intervention. 

Neuropsychological evaluations are non-invasive and involve administration of a variety of mental tasks, most of which are completed while sitting at a table/desk. The evaluation also involves a clinical interview with the individual, family members, and/or other caregivers. The evaluations on average take about three to seven hours. Results and recommendations are reviewed with the individual and/or family in feedback sessions, and a written report is supplied to the referring provider.

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