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Vocational Evaluation

This program provides a comprehensive assessment of vocational interests, aptitudes, worker traits, and a determination of work capacity.  These services are designed to assess the vocational capabilities of persons with mental, cognitive, and/or physical disabilities. Standardized tests, organization-based work samples, and community work settings are used to identify clients' skills, strengths, and interests. Specific recommendations are made on the kinds of jobs that a person can perform, or on alternative services to be utilized for those not ready to return to work. For individuals who are uncertain of what directions to pursue, the organization also offers a career exploration program. Individuals learn to analyze their own work and career values, and to develop specific vocational goals. This is accomplished through classroom activities, films, and community activities, including tours of local businesses, job shadowing, and job try-outs. 

Trial Work Experience

Participants gain exposure to their reported field of interest through a real work experience at a competitive job site.  Information about needed accommodations and the individual’s job readiness is provided. The results of the assessment are utilized to develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan.

Competitive Placement Opportunity

Participants perform specified job functions at a competitive site where an employment opportunity exists. This enables the employer to preview the participant’s work and make an informed hiring decision.

Interview Preparedness

Participants work to improve the skills necessary to successfully market their strengths during the interview process.  Components include job search techniques, job application assistance, development of a resume and cover letter, conflict resolution, and ADA regulations.

Placement Services

Placement Specialists assist participants in procuring appropriate employment.  Follow-up is conducted to help maintain employment and employer satisfaction. There are several components to Easterseals' placement services, all of which are designed to meet the client's immediate and long-term vocational goals. "Job ready" clients may participate in a job seeking skills training program, which teaches them how to market themselves when looking for work. Intensive classroom training focuses on the development of job resumes, application writing skills, interview skills and how to pursue job leads effectively. Job Placement Specialists then work closely with each individual, carefully matching his/her specific skills and strengths to a particular job or a targeted employer in the community. Once an individual has been placed in a job, placement staff follow up with both the client and the employer. Based on the needs of the situation, contact can be extended indefinitely. This kind of approach assures employment success and employer satisfaction. In addition to these generic placement and employment support services, the organization operates a program targeted to individuals with chronic mental illness. With funding from the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, this program assists clients to obtain and retain competitive employment.

Job Coaching

Job coaching is provided at the employment site for participants needing one-on-one support to assist them in learning job skills.

Employment Skills Technology Training

This program offers individuals the training needed to meet the requirements of today’s entry level receptionist, administrative assistant and clerical support positions.  Components include tools of the workplace, computer basics and applications, office etiquette, and organizational skills.

Supported Employment

Participants are provided assistance in selecting, obtaining and maintaining community employment. Participants are individuals with serious or persistent mental illness / substance abuse issues. For some individuals with disabilities, post-secondary education or training may be needed to achieve a vocational goal. Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern Connecticut assists these individuals through its supported education program. Vocational specialists collaborate with and support the client in all aspects of his/her education and training, including program and course selection, finances, tutoring, crisis management, and classroom accommodations. With funding from the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Easterseals also operates a similar program targeted to individuals with chronic mental illness.

Organizational Employment

Participants are integral members of Easterseals social enterprises. This includes the manufacturing of disaster recovery lighting devices, document and data deconstruction at EnviroShred and subcontracted work from area businesses. All work performed at Easterseals Vocational facility.

Janitorial Program

This specialized skill building program prepares participants for jobs in the custodial industry.  Emphasis is placed upon appropriate work behaviors, productivity, and good worker traits.

Young Adult Services (YAS) (Norwich Location)

Young Adults are provided with the necessary work readiness skills and coaching to be successful in the current job market. Participants learn about time management, money management, communication/ public speaking, and more. Working within a group and one-on-one with the instructor to provide an insightful and exciting learning experience; providing volunteer work opportunities for young adults.