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COVID-19 Policy Updates

Coronavirus Policy Updates: November 6, 2020

As of this writing, Vice President Joe Biden is on the verge of becoming the 46th President of the United States with a 253-214 Electoral College lead. The Vice President is currently ahead in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Georgia (16 electoral votes), Arizona (11 electoral votes), and Nevada (6 electoral votes), while President Trump leads in North Carolina (15 electoral votes) and Alaska (3 electoral votes). Biden has multiple paths to 270, whether it be through Pennsylvania or some combination of Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. For President Trump, he must hold Pennsylvania given Biden’s advantage at this hour. While we may be days away from formally certifying a winner, notwithstanding legal challenges from the Trump campaign, it is becoming clear that Democrats will take back the White House in 2021. So what does that really mean for Easterseals? The final months of the 116th Congress, and the Trump Presidency, will likely be defined by the two Senate runoffs in Georgia. These two seats hold the keys to the Senate majority, which will define the next two years and what sort of mandate President Biden would have during the first two years of his term.

A key question will be: Does this change the calculus for a COVID-relief package?

There is growing recognition of the importance of home- and community-based services during the pandemic, and the need to support schools, small businesses, and state and local operations as we head into winter. A compromise package proved elusive prior to the election, but with Majority Leader McConnell signaling interest in doing another package, that may breathe new life into a package. 

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