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Our 2019 Outstanding Community Partner: The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. / US Bank Foundation

Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. were passionate about improving the quality of life in Greater Cincinnati, creating change through collaboration and innovation. Ralph, an Army fighter pilot turned CEO of People’s Liberty Bank and Trust Company in Covington and Carol, a Mathematics major and business savvy arts patron and volunteer were key to major developments in the urban core that created thousands of jobs.

However, they always kept their hearts close to the human impact at an individual level. Today, their legacy lives on through the Haile Foundation’s investments in Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati.

A major gift to Easterseals’ Building Value program has created breakthrough moments for hundreds of lower income Cincinnatians.

Building Value uses on-the-job training to prepare men and women for in-demand construction jobs.

Because of the investment in Easterseals by the Haile Foundation, you can find Building Value graduates working on the high-profile critical care building expansion at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – a project led by Messer Construction Company.

Chris Bochenek with the Haile Foundation got to see the impact of the Haile legacy in Elijah Allen, who says Easterseals provided the support system he needed to grow into a productive worker and move from lower-paying temporary jobs into a career with big growth potential.

Elijah Allen, Building Value graduate, with Chris Bochenek with the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. / US Bank Foundation

“I’ve always been that guy who wanted to be the boss, not the employee. I know that the construction trade is booming right now. So I just wanted to get into that and build my own self wealth,” Elijah says. “I didn’t really know to get to where I wanted to go. So I was still working at my nine-to-five job at a retail store. I met a really good friend who’s like a brother to me now. He told me about Building Value. Building Value’s great, it helped me out…a lot.” Elijah is currently an electrician apprentice.

“The best part about it is being able to go home to my mom or fix something in the house or go home tired and do it all over again,” he laughs.

The Haile Foundation was also instrumental in the creation of Easterseals Military and Veterans Services in 2012. When a veteran calls the United Way’s 211 line, Easterseals is there to answer from employment to education, to emergency resources.

The need is great with thousands of Greater Cincinnati veterans struggling with unemployment, homelessness, disabling injuries and addiction.

Frank Britton called the 211 resource line and found his breakthrough moment at Easterseals.

“There was just a time where I was in the dark clouds and didn’t even know it because I was still caught up in that mentality of what I was faced with in the Marine Corps, and I was also anticipated in the criminal system,” Britton said.

Britton met Easterseals job developer Chris Macklin while staying at the Joseph House.

He came through and tried to help people obtain employment. He told me things about myself that I hadn’t even looked at,” Frank explains.

“A lot of times when you have a frame of mind that “’I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” [Chris] would always reframe it, “you can, you can, you can.’”

“When the Haile Foundation decided that part of our funding area – where we needed to give back and where we wanted to make some investments – was with the veterans, because Ralph was a veteran. When I was looking at veterans’ services and what’s out there, I was overwhelmed,” says Chris Bochenek, who talked with Frank. “How in the world is a veteran coming home or finding themselves in this position able to get support or services? Where do they go to? How did they know who to pick the phone up and call?”

Bochenek continues, explaining the Haile Foundation’s connection with Easterseals, “So Easterseals, they were at the table, and they brought together some great staff I think, to be able to provide that service, and then provide it to you as well. So that’s what made our connection with Easterseals, and that’s why we support them.”

Ralph Haile was called a maverick, never forgetting the little guy; disrupting the status quo, always building bigger dreams. Carol Ann and Ralph Haile are still disrupting, still creating breakthrough moments and building Brighter Futures as Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati’s 2019 Outstanding Community Partner.

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