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July 2018: Jason Aspinwall

Picture of Jason AspinwallJason Aspinwall, senior general superintendent at Messer Construction, has been involved with Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati for many years, and when asked to summarize his experience he uses two words:  connections and positivity. Jason enjoys his time and connection to Easterseals, but not nearly as much as we appreciate having him a part of the Easterseals family.

He was encouraged by Messer to engage with the community, and when inquiring about opportunities, another Messer employee, and Easterseals board member, Nick Rosian, quickly recommended Easterseals.  Messer has long believed that their employees have a responsibility to give back.

Nick informed Jason that Easterseals had recently convened several local non-for-profits to assess the needs of veterans in Greater Cincinnati.  The assessment of local veteran needs and available services in the area indicated that there was a clear gap in employment services for local veterans.  This is when Easterseals established its veteran services, and soon after, Jason got involved. 

Although Jason, is not a veteran, his Father, father-in-law, and brother-in-law are veterans. “I have some guilt because I have never served and feel I haven't done my part to serve this country.” For this reason, he feels very strongly about working with veterans and doing his part to provide them with what they need.

Jason knew he wanted to assist them in any way he could. And he does just that! Jason has a truck, and he used it many times to help a veteran in need.  If Military & Veteran Services needs someone to help out, Jason will be there.  He has the resources, so he takes a couple hours out of his day to support some of our veterans.

Since first coming to Easterseals in 2014, Jason has served on the veterans committee, helped with Our Serve, an important fundraising event, and has connected Veteran Services with other companies in the Cincinnati area.

Jason shares, “[Easterseals Military & Veteran Services] is making a difference and I believe in the mission. The people who work here have their head and heart in the right place. They are passionate about what they do and they’re doing good work. They are supporting the needs of veterans.”  

As a Cincinnati-native, Jason thinks that Easterseals is necessary for our community because as he says, “[Cincinnati] is a place that supports second chances. The people here are hardworking and are looking for a hand up, not a hand out. Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnati makes a difference, as they are good stewards of the help people need. Everyone is always positive and has encouraging momentum. The passion of the employees is contagious, almost addictive… Scott Robinson, director of Military & Veteran Services, is awesome, driven and wants results.”

When asked about Jason, David Dreith, Chief Operating Officer says, “He does everything from helping us connect with resources to moving furniture. The guy does it all. We’re so fortunate to have him.”

Thank you, Jason, for dedicating your time and talent into Easterseals Military & Veteran Services!

Easterseals makes profound and positive differences in people's lives every day, is thanks in large part to strong partnerships throughout our community. Each month we will recognize an Easterseals Hero, an organization or person whose actions have gone above and beyond to further the purpose of Easterseals: changing the way the world views and defines disability by breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities, people facing disadvantages, and veterans.

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