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Easterseals honors and remembers the impact of Dick Farmer

August 7, 2021

portrait photo of dick farmer smiling

Easterseals CEO Pam Green remembers and honors the impact of a great man.
"Dick Farmer was a brilliant business person, but he was a Marine first -- I have no doubt he could have been a general. I am humbled that the family has asked that Mr. Farmer’s military commitment be honored with memorial gifts to Easterseals. In 2012, Mr. Farmer made a gift of $1 million to Easterseals that funded the startup of our veterans services. And he also gave me some great advice. As I excitedly shared with him that there were three parts to our program with three different names based on the service they delivered, he listened intently then cut me off. “Young lady,” he said, “I just gave you a lot of my money and if I’m confused about what you are doing with it, I know veterans will be. Stop using all these names—its Easterseals Veteran Services.” And that, to me, was Dick Farmer: keep it simple, cut to the chase, and never forget your customer is most important. I will forever be grateful to the Farmer family, and OORAH Mr. Farmer."
Read more about Mr. Farmer here, and learn more about Easterseals Military & Veteran Services here.
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