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Disability Services receives newly wrapped vans for programs

Easterseals Disability Services recently unveiled four newly wrapped transportation vans, with potential for two more. The vans read “Easterseals” on all sides with “employment opportunities available for veterans and people with disabilities” below as well as a phone number to call, 513-386-6825.

Two of the vans run out of the Symmes Road location, transporting to the Kaivac Enclave and the Symmes OES program. The other two transport to the Clifton Hub and Nehemiah Enclave. With these vans, individuals with disabilities are able to travel to and from different programming throughout the Greater Cincinnati region.

About Easterseals Disability Services

Easterseals serving Greater Cincinnatiprovides a variety of programs that are specifically designed to help individuals, (regardless of disability, age or level of workforce readiness) to develop the skills, opportunities and networking necessary to gain employment and to successfully integrate into community living. Easterseals also offers adults and seniors opportunities to live, learn, work and play as a vital part of their own community or neighborhood in order to engage socially and transition to community-based living. Learn more at eastersealsgc.org.

Easterseals vans

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