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Raise of Hope

You can be a change maker in Greater Cincinnati

Collage of people served by Easterseals in Cincinnati with text Make a Big Social Impact in 2021

For years, our community has been working on solutions for inclusion and equity. You’ve stood by us as we’ve made inroads — helping people overcome, persevere and find brighter futures as part of the workforce.

In 2021, you can help make a Big Social Impact with real solutions! In this time of financial recovery from the pandemic, we can join together in a special way to help more people.

Here’s how: Join Easterseals subscription for good, a monthly giving club called Raise of Hope.


Raise of Hope is a collective of people like you who are charitable and believe in making an inclusion and equity impact in Greater Cincinnati.

While $10 or $20 a month might go unnoticed in your wallet, this contribution won’t be unnoticed to people like Nathan, Danny, Brooklynn, Elijah, Juan, Asanti, Alesha, Mickey, Yalonda and Tommy. We can’t wait to share their stories.

Last year, with the help of our many supporters including donors, employers, corporations and volunteers, Easterseals connected nearly 500 people to employment. Those individuals are slated to collectively earn $9.4 million in their first year.

Each of these people have a story of perseverance. We are proud to stand with them.

Meet Danny

Danny Lakes

“I always noticed I was different to others. My senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism spectrum disorder. All these symptoms matched me to a “T.” I understood math and logic, but for socializing, I needed to open up textbooks and study it.”

Thanks to the neuro-diversity endeavors of Procter & Gamble, Danny was understood for his capabilities and was hired as a valued team member. Procter & Gamble invited Easterseals to be part of its Austism@Work initiative because its expertise in job coaching.

Danny’s Easterseals Job Coach has helped him navigate the nuances of interaction and roles of being an employee.

“For the first time, I felt like any sort of employer actually listened to me and took an interest in who I was not just what I was could do. I’m able to actually push myself, apply myself and grow as a person that I really knew I could be. I just needed to be given the opportunity.”

A free gift with your subscription

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Become a charter member and receive your Raise of Hope bistro mug. Include your email on the donation form to receive monthly updates.

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