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President's Council

The Easterseals President's Council honors the generous individuals who give $1,000 or more annually. The President's Council is comprised of friends who share the belief that everyone with a disability, everyone facing a disadvantage and all veterans deserve access to quality, comprehensive and compassionate programs and services. These are direct gifts to benefit programs. Friends contributing at the President's Council level are making a vital difference—creating employment solutions that change lives.

Join the President's Council today!

  Sherry Armstead
Jan Armstrong-Cobb and Barry Cobb
Erin Arnold
Jerry Atkins

Peter and Randy Bloch
Jody and Debbie Brant
John and Karen Brownlee

Doreen and Peter Canton
Janel Carroll
Jennifer and Carl Castenson
Charles W. Schroeder Trust
Martha and David Claypool
Dan Cronstein
Maris Croswell

Kathy Daly
Craig Decker and Susan Haas
Gary and Carman Dent
Brian and Meg Dietz
Kevin and Barbara Dougherty
David and Edy Dreith

F.C. & B.S. Shadley Charitable Trust
Mary Lynn Farmer
Lisa and David FitzGibbon
Friends of Lou Terhar
David and Mindy Frimer

Danielle Gentry-Barth and Eric Barth
David Giles and Ellen Katz
Pam Green and Landen Summay

Greg and Rebecca Hammond
Anne Heldman
Paul Heldman and Deborah Kirshner
Karen Hendricks

Janet Jansen
Amy and George Joseph

Sharon Kennedy
Denise and John Kuprionis

Colleen Lindholz
Brad and Marsha Lindner
  Scott Maier
TJ McAninch and Carol Seissiger
Kevin McKeon
Kathy & Rodney McMullen

Jim and Jane Neyer
John and Sara Neyer
Marchoe and William Northern

Bobby and Jenny Oestreicher

Tom Plaut
Nancy and Charles Postow
Jenny and David Powell
Christy Pretzinger

Maribeth and Martin Rahe
Fearghal and Katelyn Reid
Gordon and Anne Rich
Tom and Kim Robertson
Durk and Margaret Rorie
Dov and Amanda Rosenberg

Jim and Jody Salters
Digi and Mike Schueler
Tony Schweier
Barbara Scull
Fritz and Annie Shadley
Bill Sinkula
Melissa Stevens
Pete and Ginger Strange
Bernie and Kathy Suer

Lou and Debe Terhar
Hans and Michelle Tinkler
Juliet Tissot
Craig and Diane Todd

Jake Warm
Ginger Warner
Don Wayne
Warren and Pam Weber
Felicia Williams
Matt Worthen

Chris and Carolyn Yeazel
Jim and Dawn Yunker

Make a difference in the lives of individuals facing disadvantages, individuals living with disabilities, and local veterans by joining the President's Council today!

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