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YOU can help local veterans in need today for just $22.

Here in Greater Cincinnati, thousands of former service members struggle with unemployment, homelessness, addiction, and disabling injuries.

Easterseals Military & Veteran Services works with veterans in the region to convert hardship to personal and occupational success. We provide assistance to any former service member – regardless of their discharge status. We have experienced a 525% increase in demand for our services since 2017. Despite the constraints of COVID-19, Easterseals continues to respond with non-medical emergency resources, employment readiness, and educational support and retraining for veterans.

Your support of Easterseals #GiveVets22 gives veterans hope and ensures that no veteran seeking help is left behind.


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Show your support for local veterans year-round with our limited edition, American-made #GiveVets22 shirt!


NextStep Networking Pledges to Match YOUR Gift!

“We are doing our part at NextStep by partnering with Easterseals Military & Veteran Services this September for GiveVets22. NextStep is going above and beyond for veterans and we will match dollar for dollar 100 gifts of $22 to help convert hardship to personal and occupational success. I hope you will join us!”

Desmon Gault of NextStep

The NextStep Networking mission is “To make our communities better places to live, learn and work.” NexStep has a passion for supporting organizations that make a difference in our communities. We are proud of our diversity and inclusion efforts and continue to grow a customer-base of social-service focused nonprofits in greater Cincinnati. We take pride in our diverse company. We employ a majority of women, minorities, and veterans, and offer internship opportunities to students with disabilities.  


The veteran suicide rate in Ohio and Kentucky is nearly double the national suicide rate for non-veterans.

Veteran Suicide: A National Health Crisis

It's staggering. Every day in our country, about 20 veterans die by suicide.

Veteran suicide is a crisis in communities across America. In Ohio and Kentucky, the veteran suicide rate is nearly double the national suicide rate for non-veterans.

Male veterans aged 18 – 34 experienced the highest rate of suicide, a figure that has been steadily rising. According to VA National Suicide Data Report, the suicide rate in this demographic spiked more than 10 percent from 2015 to 2016 – the most recent data available.

Among women, the suicide rate of female veterans is 1.8 times higher compared to non-veteran women.

While there is no single cause of suicide, there are protective factors that can help offset the risk for veterans: 

The US Department of Veterans Affairs National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide calls for a comprehensive approach to prevent veteran suicide, and effective networks of support working in a coordinated manner.

Easterseals Military and Veteran Services is working to create stronger community connections and more opportunities for veterans to thrive in Greater Cincinnati. Our staff is ready to respond with non-medical emergency resources, employment readiness, and educational support and retraining.

We provide assistance to any former service member – regardless of their discharge status. Our team has experienced a 525% increase in demand for services since 2017.

Resources like Easterseals Military and Veteran Services are critical to ensuring that veterans maintain their sense of belonging. Your participation in #GiveVets22 shows local veterans that their Greater Cincinnati neighbors care about them and their families – and ensuring they have a promising future ahead of them.

Zach's Story

It seemed like a typical day. Zach called his mom to talk about an evening snowfall near their home in Brown County, Ohio. A few hours later, she would receive another call that would forever change their family.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, support is available.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 to all at 1-800-273-8255. Veterans, service members, and their families and friends can call the Veterans and Military Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online at, or send a text message to 838255.

Additional Resources for Veterans and their Families

Suicide Prevention – a Guide for Veterans and Families

Cincinnati VA Mental Health

VA Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet

VA National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide


These personal stories show the impact of your support.

Jay's Story

Jay had a successful career in trucking for nearly two decades. Personal struggles caused him to self-medicate. One night, a traffic accident brought his trucking career to a close. No one was hurt, but the fallout left emotional scars and a loss of income.

After living in the woods east of Cincinnati for several weeks, a nurse helped Jay find the resources he needed to get treatment and shelter. It was there that Jay became aware of Easterseals Military & Veteran Services. With the support of his fellow veterans on the Easterseals team, Jay now has a job and his own apartment.

"They gave me back my pride and gave me back my self-esteem," Jay says. "Without them, I don't think I could have survived."

Juan's Story

Juan's love of computers helped him land a dream job:  working with a retired University of Cincinnati professor to digitize his life's work. As the professor grew older and less independent, Juan shifted his role to becoming the professor's caretaker.

As a token of gratitude, the professor left Juan his home in his will. Unfortunately, there were debts tied to the estate that Juan could not afford. He quickly found himself unemployed, homeless, and facing complicated legal issues from a well-intentioned gift.

Juan turned to Easterseals Military & Veteran Services, where he put in the hard work to turn his life around. He enrolled in additional training to sharpen his computer skills, all while giving back to the community as a key part of the United Way's Annual Fund campaign.

Easterseals recognized Juan's drive and determination with the Independence Award at the 2019 Brighter Futures celebration. The owners of NextStep Networking, who were in the audience that night, were so impressed with Juan that it eventually led to a job offer and a new career.


A message from Juan:

The help you gave me is something I think about a lot. To say thank you doesn’t seem enough. It goes beyond words.

We are learning in this time of COVID how much impact that people have on each other. Those who have been lifted out of something like me – there is an underlying unspoken affect. When someone is homeless, people automatically social distance without knowing what a person’s circumstances are. There are going to be a lot of people who need help. 

There is a certain shame and feeling of failure when you cannot provide for yourself. During that time for me, I used to think that I lived in a country that lost its compassion. The compassion that fueled the New Deal and the Great Society.

Not because I was looking for help or a handout. I wasn’t. It was because of the seemingly uncaring attitude of my country's response to itself. It was just sad. And when I looked at myself I would think, “what would my men say if they saw me now?” I was at a job fair last summer, and there I met a former officer. I bet he felt the same way as me, only deeper. 

But Easterseals has dispelled those thoughts. 

I can never say “thank you.” I can only hope to show it within the life I have left to live.


Anthony's Story

Anthony Pennington

Anthony is Cincinnati native who served in the U.S. Army Reserve for eight years. His search for a better job was made difficult due to a lack of transportation options. He has been working with Easterseals Military & Veteran Services to make some big changes in his life.

He just completed his Per Scholas certification for a Network Infrastructure Technician, learning Information Technology skills that are transferable to any field. He started a new job as an essential worker at Amazon in April 2020.

YOUR support today creates #breakthroughmoments in the lives of local vets.


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Thank you to these #GiveVets22 Five Star Partners for supporting the success of local vets in need.

Bank of America Private Bank
Devine Talent Management
Community of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish
Jersey Mike's
Honor Flight Tristate
Messer Construction
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Queen City Medical Weight Loss
Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation
Adamson Fire Protection
American Elevator
Hixson Architecture Engineering Interiors
Light Source International
Light Source International
Neyer Management
Oberson's Nursery
Precision Laboratories
R&B Contractors
Republic Services
Shawn and Teresa Hannah
Strategic Benefits of Cincinnati
Team Performance Institute
Western & Southern Financial Group
Woodward Construction
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To become a #GiveVets22 Community Partner, contact Lauran McHaffie at 513-386-6811 or

The suicide rate of female veterans is 1.8 times higher than non-veteran women.

The Reality of Veteran Reintegration

Military culture promotes strength and resilience. While these are traditionally positive traits, they can sometimes work against a veteran struggling with reintegration. They might even keep a veteran from asking for help – especially if they are worried about it being viewed as a sign of weakness.

Returning to civilian life can be a tough transition for former service members. The separation from close friendships and bonds formed in the military can lead to feelings of isolation and depression back home. Some veterans find difficulty translating their military experience to a resume and finding work as a civilian. Returning home with a disabling physical injury or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can create additional barriers to reintegration. 

Easterseals Military & Veteran Services creates a space where veterans can receive help while being around other veterans. In fact, the majority of our staff have served in the military themselves.

With a network of more than 200 local resources, Easterseals Military and Veteran Services can help Greater Cincinnati veterans and their families overcome many of the challenges they face. We’ve even become the official United Way of Greater Cincinnati partner for veterans who call the 211 service request line.

WATCH THIS:  Why transportation can become a major barrier to better employment and healthcare for local veterans.


Easterseals Military and Veteran Services: Solutions that Work for Vets

Whether you are about to return to civilian life and aren’t sure what’s next, or have been out of the military for years and aren’t sure what benefits are available to you, Easterseals Military and Veteran Services can help. We work to eliminate the red tape that stands between veterans and working solutions for their challenges.

With a staff of veterans, the Easterseals team understands and appreciates the challenges former military members can experience in the civilian world. Our support professionals work with each veteran individually to map an action plan specific to their needs – then partners with them in navigating any barriers along the path.

The first step is to connect with our resource navigators. You can reach our staff by calling 513-878-2200, by emailing, or by calling the United Way service line at 211.

Ways Easterseals Military and Veteran Services can help include:

Eric and Kelli share how Easterseals helped their transition from military to civilian life in Greater Cincinnati

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