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Child Development Centers

Child development, disabilities

Easterseals has the nation’s largest network of child development centers for infants through preschool (0-5 years of age). In these settings, educators meet the individual needs of students (with and without disabilities) through the use of specialized approaches and instruction to prepare preschoolers for entry into the school system, or to support current students to achieve at their highest level.

With a focus on reaching developmental milestones through hands-on learning, services to promote grwoth and success are provided through:

-  A variety of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development activities

-  Early intervention through on-site screening and therapies

-  Development of the child's confidence, self-esteem, and love of learning

- Regular communication between teachers and families to keep informed about the child's experience

-  Referrals to local resources, agencies, and services

Easterseals provides programming at Child Development Centers in two Florida locations. Call or click today to learn more:

Igoe-Amar Child Development Center in West Palm Beach

Murray Child Development Center in Tampa


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