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Are Your Tenants Safe?

Who will order evacuation?

The order to initiate evacuation may come from a variety of sources, depending on the situation. For each situation where evacuation may be necessary, the entities that will have the authority to initiate evacuation must be identified. In various situations, the decision to evacuate can be made by a regulatory component, the building emergency team leader, an individual member of the emergency team or any individual in the building.

When will order be given?

The timing of the evacuation order should relate to the immediacy of the threat. Some emergencies pose a threat so immediate that evacuation or relocation must be ordered as soon as the situation is detected. Other situations will warrant monitoring and a heightened level of attention, so that if evacuation becomes necessary, it can be expedited.

In many cases, the decision to order evacuation will not be an easy one. The entity responsible for making the decision will need to weigh the inconvenience to those evacuated against the likelihood that the emergency could cause serious consequences. However, consider that any embarrassment to building management (or local government) because a potential threat did not escalate to a major incident will be minor when compared to the implications arising from injuries or deaths resulting from a decision not to evacuate.

How will notification be made?

Because notification and communication issues have already been outlined in previous sections, the means of providing notification of an evacuation order should already be identified. A review of the previous sections should provide information for verifying that adequate notification can be made.


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