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Autism After Age 21

What happens when my child is no longer in school?
Where will he live when he no longer wants to live with me?
What is going to happen to my child when I’m no longer around, or able to care for him?

These are just a few questions that Easterseals hears from concerned parents of kids with autism. Most children with autism are eligible to receive special education services through the school system until age 21. As the nation’s largest provider of services and support for children and adults living with autism and their families, Easterseals is highlighting its services for children with autism who grow up and “age out” of the school system.

Easterseals offers services to support adults with autism as they navigate through the barriers they are likely to encounter in their day-to-day lives. These may include help finding a job, day programs, residential support to live on their own, community and recreation activities, and financial planning. Additionally, Easterseals works with families to identify other services in the community. It’s all to help young adults with autism thrive in their communities.

Finding a Job

Finding a job is a critical first step toward self-determination and financial independence for adults with autism. Easterseals professionals help people with autism assess their skills, identify employment goals and provide training to meet personal goals. Easterseals also works with businesses to provide resources for employers to support workforce development.

Day Programs for Young Adults Who Remain at Home

Easterseals adult day services offer socialization and recreation opportunities for individuals with autism living in the community. While people with autism participating in day programs might need some supervision, they need only minimal assistance with activities of daily living.

Moving Away from Home

Adults with autism have many choices when it comes to living away from home. The primary goal of Easterseals’ residential services is to assist people with autism to stay in the community in a living arrangement of their choice. Options can include:

Community and Recreation Activities

Adults with autism can be active participants in all areas of community life including social and recreational activities. Easterseals programs may include weekends away, evenings out and other opportunities to participate in recreational activities throughout the year. With more than 100 camping, recreation and respite programs, Easterseals offers thousands of individuals with autism the chance to develop lasting friendships and learn what they can do, regardless of their age. Participants enjoy adventures and conquer new physical challenges, and some camps also offer sessions exclusively for campers living with autism.

Outliving Ones Parents

Easterseals partners with health and human service organizations as well as public and private insurers to provide life-changing services and support for children and adults living with autism and other disabilities and special needs and for their families.

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