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Cristen Reat's 5 Favorite Apps for Her Kids with Disabilities

Her Kids Love These Apps, and Cristen Approves

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Cristen Reat, co-founder of BridgingApps (the award-winning Easterseals program and website for technology recommendations for people of all ages with special needs), shares her five favorite apps for her kids right now. Vincent, age 10, lives with Down syndrome, and Martin, age 13, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (his diagnosis was Asperger's Syndrome), and both love playing these games on their iPad.

Seeing as Cristen has made a career of evaluating mobile applications for kids with special needs, how reassuring is it that she approves of these games for her own children? Get her latest app recommendations below and read about her family and the making of BridgingApps. Stay tuned for more app recommendations from Cristen on our website!

Story Land app thumbnail

Story Land

According to iTunes, this app is a "living storybook full of fun for you and your kids to learn from and play in! Children (and adults) can create their own scenes and place 'actors' into them, from a huge cast of wonderfully drawn characters. Actors can be scaled, rotated and given different objects, and weather and backgrounds can be customised to suit your mood!"

Inspiration Maps app thumbnail

Inspiration Maps

This app helps you map out and visualize your creative ideas with webs and diagrams. It's great for brainstorming visualization.

Injini Child Development Apps thumbnail

Injini Child Development Game Suite

This app was the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design from Children’s Technology Review.

Flashcard Maker app thumbnail

Flashcard Maker by Inkids

This app allows you to create interactive flashcards by recording your voice, videos and adding images.

My PlayHome app thumbnail

My PlayHome Stores

A digital dollhouse that encourages imaginative play. Your child could play from room to room and interact with everything from the kitchen stove to make a digital dinner or an interactive backyard.

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